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Passion, Purpose and Joy

Empower your life with Randy Taran, Founder of Project Happiness Global, Author, Producer, Philanthropist and High Performance Coach. 


Identify your true passions, in alignment with who you are authentically.


Your purpose can change with time. Discover what is most present for you.  


Learn happiness practices that help you design your most vibrant life.

Happiness is a Skill Anyone Can Learn – Grab a buddy and jump in

Founder of Project Happiness Global, a non-profit organization helping millions around the world learn the skills to live their best lives, Randy Taran takes you through a two hour workshop on how to combine your passion with your natural talents to create a life that you don't want to take a vacation from.

10 percent of our happiness is environmental, 50 percent is genetic, and a full 40 percent is influenced by what we do on a daily basis.  For over a decade Randy has been digging into the Science of Happiness and sharing best practices with the people who need it most; our youth and local communities.  

Author, producer, philanthropist, high performance coach and speaker, she has created programs used in educational and community settings, even prisons and women's shelters around the globe. In her coaching, Randy also leads professional workshops for corporations and summits and helps individuals identify their goals and create their best lives.  

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