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Face Yoga 2: If You Want to Look More Peaceful, Try This!

Do you know how when we worry or frown, we tend to scrunch our eyebrows together?  In time, if that is our habit, (and it is for so many, with all the stress around) we end up with these "11 lines" between our eyebrows (some even call it resting bitch face!) It doesn't have to be this way. 


Though this is one of the zones that botox targets,  there are other ways such as Face Yoga to help ease the 11 lines. Just as the body is reshaped through training the muscles, the face also responds to retraining and strengthening the muscles that support the skin.


It Can Happen Anytime

When I was 17, I remember going into my dentist's office. He mentioned to me, "Why do you have those lines so young? Whenever you feel your eyebrows scrunching, make a point of relaxing the area between your eyes - catch yourself; don't get into that habit."  It was a wake-up call, and though not always easy to practice, the awareness definitely helped me pay attention. It seems that these “11” lines are caused by stress, and created by the repeated reaction of the underlying muscles: the glabella (the part of the forehead between the eyebrows), and the procerus (the triangular muscle between our eyes). The good news is that they do respond to retraining. I know that from personal experience.


5 Face Yoga Exercises That Can Help

To start, breathe deeply, a few times, making your exhale longer than your inhale.

 1. Touch or Trace: In trying to be more aware of what you are feeling, you simply can touch that point to stop the 11 reaction. Or you can trace one index finger and then the other  up from the bridge of the nose to the forehead. Do this for up to a minute, using medium pressure. This can reduce tension and headaches, as well as boost collagen and elastin.


2. Tap or Press: Take 2 fingers and tap in center of eyebrows.This send a signal to the procerus muscle to relax. You can also gently press the index finger between eyebrows. When we think about what causes us to get these lines, it’s usually because we are upset, worried or irritated about something...It's interesting that this specific area is also an acupressure point in Chinese medicine that relates to the liver which is linked to the emotion of anger.  


3. Circle: Another way to work out and smooth out the 11 lines, is to  put 2 fingers  in a circle one way and then the other - medium pressure, not too hard, firm but gentle - it actually feels really good.


4. Use Your Knuckle: You can also take the knuckle of one hand, place it between your brows, and move it from side to side, then up and down  getting into muscle. It's not necessary to do all of these; my go-to's are: touch as a reminder, and circle to release tension. See which ones you prefer. 


5. Drain the Stress: To finish off, we always want to incorporate some lymphatic drainage massage, so bring your 2 index fingers up to the center of your brows , then sweep them above eyebrows, around to the temples and down the sides of the neck. Breathe deeply, and do this gentle slow massage a few times . You'll feel the difference.  


Awareness of emotions + intentional face yoga = Softening of Tension & Reconnecting with Your Peace

Take this on and see what you notice :)



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