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Happiness Over 50, Pt. 1

alignment happiness health Feb 14, 2024

If you’re over 50, or heading in that direction, it’s a wakeup call to start taking care of yourself. I know you are probably so used to taking care of others, but it’s imperative that you start to look after yourself too. Today we’ll talk about what that can look like, and i’ll be introducing an array of topics in the weeks ahead.


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Ok, many of these things are not brain science, but this phrase comes to mind, "Common sense is not common practice." We may know of something, but that doesn't necessarily mean we address it. This post may move things higher for you; let’s jump in. Today, we'll start with: .


Bone Health - as we get older we need to make sure we’re getting enough calcium and vitamin D. I myself have some osteopenia, my mom had osteoporosis, so let's just say, I'm paying attention. My bone health supplement has calcium and vitamin D. Magnesium and vitamin K1 and K2. Find out if that would help you too. Let me know if this something you want to know more about, and we can do a whole deep dive into this.


Weight bearing exercise is also a must. As far as muscles, it’s use it or lose it. I find myself being drawn into that world, and I really want to get strong. My hips are getting tight - I’m just now focusing on exercises to open that area, which by the way helps with walking and posture alignment too.

How many of you work with weights and resistance bands? These are calling to me - 


Posture is HUGE. Lately im noticing that I’m slumping a little; too much time at the computer without the right body mechanics. So many people have what’s called "forward head posture" we do not want that! By stretching out your pectoralis major and minor, your shoulders and head may have an easier time staying where they are meant to be. The head, shoulders, pelvis, knees need to be aligned, so we don’t inadvertently put pressure on any one part of the body. Besides, someone with good posture looks more vibrant , and has access to more energy too..


Regular Health screenings - another thing that’s common sense, but not necessarily put on the priority list. This is a reminder to get up to date: with your regular doctor, mammograms and if needed ultrasounds, bone density scans every 2 years, eyes, hearing, colonoscopies. prostate exams for men, skin checks for everyone.


On the Horizon: There’s a new blood test  that is capable of screening for 50 types of cancer. I’m looking into it now, and will tell you more about it in the near future. Just to say there are amazing options on the horizon, so keep yourself moving, and strong. Walking is a fabulous way to take care of so many of these categories, but whatever you choose, and (lately I'm into Inferno Hot Pilates; I’ll tell you about that in another episode) whatever you choose, not only will it make you physically more resilient, but there are enormous mental and emotional benefits too.


Let me know (@[email protected]) what’s working for you, and also what other topics you’d like to see covered. We're on this journey together. Grateful for that; grateful for you :)




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