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If you want to Stop Negativity on Demand - try this!!

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2019


Wouldn't it be great if you could take charge of your energy, reset your space, and strengthen your inner resources? The great news is that anyone can do this, you don’t have to look for outside support, and it is very easy to do.

Say you are in a stressful situation and your mind starts racing; you feel off-center. You catch yourself in a negative thought, self-criticism, and you might feel overwhelmed, trapped and not sure how to get free. What can help? I’m so excited to be answering these very questions in a free video series, to help you make this the best decade EVER. More info here. But for now, I have something very specific to give you today:




Be aware of how you are feeling:

Are you, like so many, wanting to numb out with food, binge-watching, shopping, or a substance of your choice? Stress inspires many ways to deal with the intensity!

See if you can catch yourself before that pattern takes hold. Basically recognize that you’re just trying to feel better, AND know that there is another way.

Activate positive emotions:

This is your way of taking charge, of taking agency in your life. Instead of waiting for external circumstances to be exactly as you would want them to be, (people getting along, knowing your goals and moving quickly towards them, waking up with tons of energy) you can GENERATE that energy into your body, then your brain, by doing a simple process, which has been scientifically validated in over 300 studies over 25 years. It's called Heartmath.


Again, most people let their outside world dictate their inner emotional state, right? With this technique, you are not depending on an outside reason for gratitude, joy etc; you are generating and expanding that heartfelt positive emotional state inside of you. This emotional shift is a key element of the techniques’ effectiveness.

What’s the emotional shift? Basically you are intentionally changing your focus from the so-called negative emotions, such as fear, unworthiness, and anger to the more heart-centered elevated emotions such as gratitude, love, peace, and joy.

Why it works:

When you feel the elevated emotions, the heart becomes more coherent, meaning that the heart, brain, and body are more aligned... and this reduces stress. The rhythms of the heart actually shift into a more regular vs jagged, and erratic pattern. 


When you shift the rhythms of the heart, this sends a different neuro-message to the brain, which stimulates greater calm, clarity, and resilience. Basically you create a positive ambient field from the frequency of the heart, which carries information and gets your brain to calm down. And you can learn to shift into coherence, that more balanced state, by directly activating a positive emotion.

How you do it:

1.focus attention on heart and imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart. See your breath coming in, swirling around your heart then slowly coming out. Breath in slowly for 5 in, out for 5 – do that at least twice. You can even put your hand on your heart. When you slow down your breath, you also slow down your brain waves.

  1. Add a positive feeling, a memory that filled your heart with gratitude or joy. Appreciate something that makes you have a warm feeling in your heart. Think of a pet, time in nature, a special place, an accomplishment, someone who makes you feel loved, a moment that always makes you smile. The key is to shift from the head (thinking about a situation) to your heart (experience/reliving this moment.) The body can’t tell the difference if it’s a memory or in real time – it just start to feel the effects. You are intentionally generating this.
  2. On the inhale take it in that feeling, on the exhale, allow the heart to pump that energetic feeling into all your cells throughout your body, so the body starts to own it as your new state. You are actually creating a field of energy using this technique. Notice how you feel.


This technique is different from deep breathing. The research shows deeper emotional changes, greater access to intuition and creativity, more clarity and productivity, and even better hormonal balance. So remember, you can help trade fear and frustration, anger and anxiety for a more elevated state, and don’t forget to sign up for the FREE video series to make this the best decade EVER – details are below!

You don’t have to wait for outside conditions to be perfect – you have the power to shift your own internal state. You got this!



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